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Create personas automatically

for your business and
for your competitor businesses
"Creating personas is quick and budget friendly. The interface is really simple, intuitive and easy to share."
"The marketing personas generated gave us a lot of insights into our customer base and their behavior."
What do you dislike? "That this tool to make buyer personas wasn't available for me the last 8 years!"

So, what brings you here today?

I want to create personas for my website

Live Persona

Create personas for your website
using Google Analytics data
Automatic segmentationPersonasAudience intelligenceSocial enrichmentInsights from reviewsOrganization trackingIndustry specific insightsUser journeysAutomatic updates
I want to develop personas of my customers

Customer Persona

Build data-driven personas
from your customer/CRM data
Customer data enrichmentAutomatic segmentationPersonasCustomer researchPress and news sourcesPodcasts & YouTube channelsTopics and hashtagsIndustry specific insightsInfluencers and websites
I want to get rich insights about my social media audience

Social Persona

Generate social personas for your
social media audience
Automatic segmentationPersonasAudience intelligencePress and news sourcesPodcasts & YouTube channelsTopics and hashtagsIndustry specific insightsInfluencers and websitesAutomatic updates
I want to research competitors and their keywords

Competitor Persona

Develop personas for competitors
using Delve AI's intelligence data
PersonaAudience intelligenceSocial enrichmentInsights from reviewsCompetitor keywordsPage/query analysisTopicsTechnologies usedIndustry specific insightsAutomatic updates

12000+ businesses and agencies,  small and big, across the globe use Delve AI.

customers on map

Delve AI case studies

Accelerating sales cycle with high-quality leads

Accelerating sales cycle with quality leads

Learn how APT Global, a shipbuilding/offshore construction company with presence in UAE, Netherlands, Qatar, Belgium and India used Delve AI to generate high quality leads and accelerate its sales cycle.
5 min read
Using personas to identify niche targeting ideas

Using personas to get niche targeting ideas

With data-driven personas and deep customer insights about buyer segments generated by Delve AI, Faye was able to unlock new niche targeting options and expand the reach of their display ad campaigns by 4X.
4 min read
Leveraging AI for CTR and VTR improvements

Leveraging AI for CTR and VTR improvements

With insights from Delve AI, Orientbell Tiles campaign achieved 50% improvement in Click Through Rate (CTR) and 10% improvement in View Through Rate (VTR) in its focus market for its Women’s Day campaigns.
4 min read

Why Delve AI?

Drive growth

● Get ideas from desirable segments to expand business
● Deliver delightful experiences with unique insights

Know your customer

● Gain clarity on audience, segments & their evolution
● Leverage group and user level views for insights

Perform competitor analysis

● Leverage intelligence to research your competitors
● Uncover your competitors' strategies & keywords

Refine ideal profile

● Hone your ideal customer profile with competitor data
● Combine with learnings from your desirable segment

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Delve AI solutions

Create e-commerce buyer personas

Compare shopper segments, such as repeat buyers, high- and low- valued one-time buyers

Know your buyers with B2B personas

Track organizations, get marketing ideas from desirable segments and generate leads

Segment users automatically

based on behavior, psychographics, demographics, geographies & transactions
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Get B2C & B2B industry specific insights

Apparel & Fashion
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Goods
Financial Services
Food & Beverages
Health, Wellness and Fitness
Higher Education
Hospital & Health Care
Leisure, Travel & Tourism
Luxury Goods & Jewellery
Real Estate
Sporting Goods
Computer Software
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Human Resources
Information Technology and Services
Marketing & Advertising
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Medical Devices
Mining & Metals
Staffing and Recruiting

Delve AI data sources and integrations

Google Analytics

Kick off generation of website audience/buyer personas with data from Google Analytics (GA4 or UA)

Google Search Console

Enrich website personas with rich user intent data (queries) from Google Search Console


Get persona update notifications, real-time visit alerts and slash commands within Slack
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