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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Delve AI is committed to compliance with EU GDPR and processes data in compliance with GDPR legislation.

Under GDPR, Delve AI is a data processor on behalf of its customers.

Delve AI is a SaaS company and uses website traffic data (that is captured by default by tools such as Google Analytics, or from third-party data partners) in aggregated and anonymized form as its input for its Live Persona/Competitor Persona offerings. Further, its goal is to enable abstractions such as personas that are (fictional) composite sketches based on psychographic/behavioral/demographic/geographic/transactional similarities within groups of users using data enrichment and machine learning techniques.

For Social Persona and social enrichment in Live/Competitor Persona offerings, Delve AI generates aggregated, group-level insights from publicly accessible social media data. For enhanced security, all identifiers obtained from publicly available data (such as usernames/handles) are stored internally in hashed format. If you don't want Delve AI platform to use your public social data, please submit the following requests:

If you are using OrgInfo service to identify organizations, IP anonymization is available for your script, to increase visitor privacy. This can be set in the Business Settings > Organizations section on your Delve AI dashboard. This feature will remove the last part of the IP address, thereby making the IP address anonymous.

If you have any questions, please email privacy@delve.ai.

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