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Knowledge base

Find information on how to use Persona by Delve AI platform effectively


What does Persona by Delve AI do?

In a nutshell, our platform Persona by Delve AI helps marketers and business owners understand their website, social and competitor audiences better with automatic generation of data-driven personas.

How can I learn more about what Persona by Delve AI does?

Here are some of the resources available to our new users once they login into our platform.

  1. Take our guided tour (click "Start tour" on the header of our dashboard)
  2. Watch our demo video (shown on "Get started" page)
  3. Schedule a live demo with our sales team (using our Calendly link)

Why should I use Delve AI when I already use Google Analytics?

The primary difference between Delve AI and other web analytics tools is in the abstractions and presentation of insights.

Google Analytics presents aggregated data as 500+ dimensions/metrics reports. Our dashboards present data with automatic segmentation on the basis of psychographics, behavior, demographics, geographies, and transactions as people (personas) and not as numbers (dimensions and metrics). This makes the data directly actionable based on persona based use-cases like better targeting, effective messaging, and increased conversions.

Can I see a sample of the personas and journeys generated by your platform?

You can see samples of segment-level personas and journeys towards the bottom of the following blog article.

Are names and photos shown in personas those of real visitors to my website?

A persona, by definition, is a fictional character representing a composite sketch of users within a segment. Hence, the names shown for personas by our platform do not belong to real users. Fictional names and stock photos are used to represent personas.

What are quotes?

Quotes are machine generated sentences expressing its understanding of a sample intent of a user in that segment when visiting your website. It is based on the pages that the users in the segment have visited, the searches they carried out, and the actions that they have completed on the site.

Is Delve AI compatible with Shopify?

Yes, if you have Google Analytics set up on your Shopify store, it should have all the enhanced Ecommerce features necessary for our platform to help create data-driven buyer personas.

Live Persona

What are the steps to get started with Live Persona by Delve AI?

  1. Sign up for free.
  2. Connect your Google Analytics account and pick the appropriate Universal Analytics view (or appropriate GA4 property, once GA4 support goes live soon).
  3. Add Google search console access for your website (Settings at the bottom of left navigation bar > Integrations > Google Search Console).
  4. If you have a B2B website, enable organization tracking (Settings at the bottom of left navigation bar > Organizations).
  5. Add additional users/team members (Settings at the bottom of left navigation bar > Users).

Is GA4 version of Google Analytics supported by Delve AI platform?

Yes, our beta integration with GA4 version of Google Analytics is now live on our platform.

How frequently does the Live Persona by Delve AI refresh data?

Under our paid plans, personas under Live Persona are updated by our platform once every month.

Does Live Persona by Delve AI work well with low-traffic sites?

Our platform starts generating personas with traffic as little as 50-100 monthly visitors, especially if analytics data is available for several months. When the monthly traffic is low, it will try to use data for a longer date duration, up to 12 months (as compared to the default of 1 month of historical data). The personas generated, of course, will be more robust with more traffic.

Where can I define the Google Analytics property to be used for Live Persona?

When you connect Google Analytics for Live Persona on boarding, you will be shown the list of Google Analytics properties/views that you can select from.

If I set/add another Google Analytics account, will it delete the previous property/view that is attached to another account?

Connecting with a new GA account (when adding a new business) will not remove businesses on our platform created using the earlier GA account. Each business will have to be explicitly deleted in order to be removed from our platform.

Which goals/events are imported from Google Analytics?

Delve AI uses the goals/events that you have instrumented in Google Analytics and dynamically assigns weights depending on the goal/event types.

What determines the number and range of live personas?

The actual number of personas for each website (Live Persona) is determined dynamically by our platform based on users/traffic and diversity in segmentation attributes (behavior, psychographics, demographics, geographies, and transactions).

How can I improve the accuracy of the personas generated?

Since our tool is based on AI, the quality of data-driven personas depends on the quantum of data and the popularity of the industry/niche that your website belongs to. The more data from that industry/vertical that our platform has seen before, the more likely it is that the quality of the personas will be better.

Personas can also be improved by ensuring that the business details such as brand keywords and location information are accurate.

Can I select the date range in which I want to see the persona data for?

You cannot select the date range for persona data since the personas are generated for a specific date range.

How can I generate personas for multiple websites?

You can use the + button at the top (next to the business name) to add multiple businesses/websites.

How do I exclude the tracking of my internal traffic?

Excluding internal traffic needs to be taken care of in Google Analytics. As the data comes to Delve AI in an aggregated/anonymized manner, the filter options that we provide are at the macro level (e.g. country, channel, etc.) and not granular at the user/IP address level.

Can I customize the B2B persona generated to target to get a list of websites?

Persona by Delve AI helps with data-driven persona generation. It does not have the capability to recommend or list websites/businesses that match a given persona.

What should I do if my Google Analytics dashboard does not show any demographics/interests data?

Please follow these instructions to enable demographics and interests reports in Google Analytics.

If demographic age/interests data does not show in your Google Analytics dashboard even after few weeks, the following blog article will be helpful to understand the possible reasons: https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/missing-demographic-data-in-google-analytics-4/.

Will Delve AI affect my page views?

The platform will not impact your page views as it only reads data from Google Analytics. Delve AI does not have the ability to change anything on your website (unless you optionally add our code snippet to track organizations from IP addresses) or to write any additional data to Google Analytics.

How do you delete a Live persona?

To delete Live Persona, please go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Subscriptions. Then, click Delete from the actions given against any Live Persona listed on the page. For Live Personas in paid plans, they must be downgraded to a paid plan before they can be deleted.

Social Persona

What should I do if Social Persona generation fails with the social handle that I specified?

Apart from the parent social handle which is used as the identifier, please provide as many network specific handles as possible to help increase the probability of success of audience research and persona generation.

Competitor Persona

Do you provide insights on keywords used by visitors for competitors?

Yes, we do topic level insights for keywords used by visitors for competitors. You can see them under "Distribution" and "Query Analysis" tabs for Competitor Persona.

Can you generate multiple personas and user journeys for a competitor at additional costs?

Delve AI acquires data from partners like SimilarWeb for the competitor domains that you specify and uses them to create competitor personas. Unlike Google Analytics where data can be queried at a granular level, the data obtained from our partners cannot be queried at a granular level and hence only one persona is created for each competitor.

Can I use Competitor Persona by Delve AI to get organic/paid or investment breakdowns?

Our competitor analysis only lists the social platforms that are helping drive users/buyers for your competitors. It does not provide organic/paid or investment breakdowns.

Where do you find the device information for Competitor personas?

For Competitor Persona, we do not have access to the Google Analytics data of competitors and hence need to either gather the device information via competitor intelligence or infer it. Device data for Competitor Persona is inferred based on the location (city) and industry/vertical.

How do I delete a Competitor Persona?

To delete a competitor persona, go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Subscription and click Delete against the competitor that you would like to delete.

Industry-specific insights

What are industry specific insights?

Industry specific insights are structured insights specific to the industry that the website belongs to that are extracted based on page views and keywords.

By analyzing user behavior (e.g. viewed pages and searches), key structured attributes that are specific to your industry/vertical, are extracted. For example, in the apparel & fashion industry, keywords are grouped and presented in terms of relevant attributes such as size, gender, occasion, type, color, age-group, etc.

Organization tracking

How does organization tracking help persona generation for B2B websites?

Automatic organization tracking, based on reverse look-up of IP addresses, is a feature within our platform to help build accurate personas for B2B websites. Once organization tracking is enabled (highly recommended for B2B websites), you can see companies which visit your website , get notifications and enrich personas with companies data. Organization data is also used to classify B2B website visitors automatically into business prospects (leads for account based marketing), job seekers, investors, partners/competitors, press and service providers.

How do I enable organization tracking for my website?

To enable organization tracking for your B2B website, please follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Organizations page of the dashboard for your business.

Why do I receive visit alert emails but do not see information about that visitor in my Delve AI dashboard?

Data shown on our dashboard is from Google Analytics and typically has a delay of 36-48 hours. Alert emails are sent by our platform in real time, but for that data to go to Google Analytics and then be pulled by our platform after the entire day is done, typically involves a delay of 36-48 hours.

Once pulled, you will find the list of organizations under the Leads tab (for B2B websites only).

User/organization journeys (Live Persona)

How are user/organization journeys useful?

Persona by Delve AI extracts and displays up to 20 sample journeys per segment of real users for B2C websites (or up to 20 organization journeys per segment for B2B websites) from the aggregated and anonymized data that Google Analytics provides.

In conjunction with personas, these segment-wise sample journeys help you to understand drop-offs/bottlenecks and to refine experiences.

Is your customer journey an aggregate estimation created using data collected by analytics or is it a random sample of real journeys?

Journeys shown for B2C websites are samples of journeys of real users within each given segment. On the other hand, organizational journeys shown for B2B websites (when organization tracking has been enabled) merges journeys of all users from each organization and displays them at the organization level.

Filters (Live Persona)

Can I use filtered audiences when generating personas for my website?

Filters allow you to create personas using a subset of the traffic on your website. Data filters can be set up to filter incoming audience data (include or exclude traffic data) based on popular How/What/Where dimensions, such as:

  • WHERE: Continent/Sub-continent/Country/Region
  • HOW: Channel/Social network/Device type
  • WHAT: Landing/exit page

Can Delve AI target specific URLs in a website?

Once you have generated a Live Persona for your website, you can use the Filter feature to limit traffic to a page URL pattern and to create personas for users who visit the page(s) that meet the criteria pattern.

How do I add a filter?

To add a filter, click on the business name dropdown on the top and select the "Add filter" option. Choose the dimension (e.g. "Country"), criteria (e.g. "Include") and value (e.g. "Germany") and enter the filter name (e.g. "Only Germany") to create a new filter. You can also access the filters feature for your business via Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Filters page.

How do I edit or delete a filter?

Filters cannot be edited. To delete a filter, please go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Business page for the corresponding filter and click "Delete Filter".

Agency features

How do I set/update my agency logo for branded reports?

To get branded reports, please upload your agency logo via Agency Settings page. You can also access it via the Agency dropdown (under the username on the top right of the dashboard) > Settings.

All the reports generated after you have uploaded your agency logo will have your agency logo instead of Delve AI branding.

How do I export profile reports?

You can schedule bulk export (export full profile) and automatic emailing of reports whenever personas are generated or updated each month. You can choose to have these reports sent to agency and/or business level users.

To configure your preferences and turn ON this feature, please use Agency > Reports page (https://www.delve.ai/agency/reports).

What do the filters included as part of agency subscription plan mean?

The filters at the agency level specify the quota (number of filters allowed each month) that is included as part of your agency subscription plan across all businesses. You can use them across one or more businesses under your agency.

How do I add a business under my agency subscription plan?

To add a business under the agency plan,

  • Add a business using the + button (Add a business) next to the business name.
  • If there are ample credits left in your agency plan for the current month, then your business will automatically be upgraded using the plan credits.

What will happen if I turn off the upgrade/auto-update for a website/competitor/social profile?

When you turn off upgrade/auto-update for a website/competitor/social profile under your agency plan, the personas generated, along with paid features, will be available till the end of the current 30-day period (you can see the actual date on your Agency Subscription page), after which, it will be downgraded to its free-tier status.


How do I update my payment method?

If you'd like to update your billing information, please use our Billing page (https://www.delve.ai/payment/billing) to add a new card.

Subscription plans

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your paid business subscription plan, please go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Subscription and click Cancel against your subscription plan.

For agency plans, you can cancel the subscription from Agency > Subscriptions page.

User accounts

Do I need a Google account to get started with Delve AI?

You can sign up with either your Google account (ideally with Google Analytics access) or your work email address.

Can I link/use multiple Google user accounts under the same Delve AI user account/subscription?

You can choose either of the following options to handle multiple Google accounts/customers.

  1. Add multiple Google Analytics accounts under your single email address (you can choose to add more Google IDs when you add new businesses) or,
  2. Create separate logins for your customers and add your email address as an additional user on those accounts for your access.

How do I use Persona by Delve AI if I don't have access to Google Analytics account?

You have two options if you do not have access to your/client's Google Analytics:

  • Create personas for the domain using our Competitor Persona offering - we use intelligence data from Similarweb and Mozlinks to create personas for any given domain. Of course, they will not be as good as Google Analytics as they are based on a sample of visitors, but a good start in the absence of access to first party data.
  • Ask them to directly onboard Delve AI using their Google Analytics credentials and then add you as an additional user (team member) to provide you access to personas/audience intelligence.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, you can add the new email address as a user, make that email address as the admin and then delete the current email address. Sorry, we do not currently have a direct way of changing a user's email address.

Can I change the email address for notifications?

Yes, you can do that by adding the new email ID as an additional user and then turning off lead notifications for the previous one.

Additional users/team members

How many team members can I add?

Our platform allows for two types of additional users:

  1. Business level users: You can add/manage business level users via Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar of a specific business) > Users page. Such users will have access to only that particular business. For users with paid business plans, the number of business level users is determined by their plans. For agency plans, apart from the agency level users, we allow for two additional business level users for each business.
  2. Agency level users (available only with agency plans): You can add/manage agency level users via Agency > Users page. Such users will have access to all properties under your agency account. The number of agency level users depends on your agency plan.

How do I add my team member to my account?

For a single business, you can add team members via Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Users. If you have a paid agency plan, you can add agency users via Agency Settings (under username dropdown on top right) > Agency > Users. Agency level users have automatic access to all businesses/competitors tied to the agency plan.

Only Admin users can add/delete team members.

How do I remove a user?

To remove a business level user, go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Users and then click Delete button to the right of the name of the user. Only Admin users can add/delete team members. If you have a paid agency plan, you can delete agency level users via Agency Settings (under username dropdown on top right) > Agency > Users page.