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Plans and pricing

for agencies

  Pay annually
  and save 20%

for marketing consultants 

$209 / mo
Billed monthly for $209

for growing agencies 

$429 / mo
Billed monthly for $429

for mid-sized agencies 

$859 / mo
Billed monthly for $859
(cumulative traffic)
Upto 75k
Up to 300k
Up to 1M
(cumulative traffic)
75k per month included
300k per month included
1M per month included
Social media enrichment *
Insights from reviews *
Organization tracking
Usually 3-6 personas
Usually 3-6 personas
Usually 3-6 personas
Persona details
User distribution
User journeys
Up to 20
Up to 20
Up to 20
4 included
4 included
8 included
Additional filters
+$32/mo for four filters
+$64/mo for four filters
+$125/mo for four filters
(cumulative, one-time charge)
+$80 for 75k traffic
+$180 for 300k traffic
+$350 for 1M traffic
  Social Persona
Social profiles
Usually 2-3 personas
Usually 2-3 personas
Persona details
Audience intelligence
Sources of influence
Additional social profiles
+$159/mo for three profiles
+$159/mo for three profiles
+$159/mo for three profiles
  Competitor Persona
Social media enrichment *
Insights from reviews *
Persona details
User distribution
Page/keyword analysis
Additional competitor domains
+$79/mo for four domains
+$79/mo for four domains
+$79/mo for four domains
  White label
White labeled reports
Industry specific insights
Automatic updates
Compare personas
Export features
Alert notifications
  Users & Support
Up to 3
Up to 3
Up to 5
Email support
Email support
Priority support

Have more websites ? Please contact sales@delve.ai for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to common pricing/billing related questions about Persona by Delve AI

Subscription plans

If I choose to upgrade to a paid plan, is there a time commitment or is it month to month? Can I subscribe monthly?

We offer monthly and yearly billing options for our subscription plans. Please use the monthly <> annual toggle button at the top of the pricing page to get relevant pricing information. We offer 20% discount on annual plans.

With monthly plan, the default historical date range used to generate Live Persona is 1 month, while with annual plans, it is 12 months of historical data.

How do I choose an appropriate paid subscription plan for my needs?

If you are looking to generate personas for a single website, business plans are the right plans for you. An appropriate business plan is automatically determined by our platform based on the monthly visitor traffic on your website.

When managing multiple businesses/websites, agency plans are more appropriate. Please pick an appropriate agency plan based on the number of websites for which personas need to be generated each month and the cumulative monthly visitor traffic across those websites.

In summary, business pricing plans allow you to pay for one business/website at a time, while the agency plans allow you to purchase for multiple websites together.

All plans (business and agency plans) include Competitor Persona for few competitor domains. If you need more than what's provided as default in the plan that you chose, you can purchase them as add-ons.

How are agency plans different from business plans?

Agency plans are suited for generating and managing personas for multiple businesses/websites. Apart from better pricing on a per-website basis (compared to single business plans), agency plans offer flexibility in choosing the set of websites for persona generation each month. Using the ON/OFF Upgrade toggle switch for each website/competitor, you can choose for one-time generation for a set of websites/competitors while the remaining can be kept in auto-update mode for several months or longer. You also have the option to get white-labeled reports from our platform when using agency plans.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations and educational institutions?

We offer 40% discounts on paid business plans to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. If you are an eligible organization, please contact sales@delve.ai with your organization details to avail this discount.

To help choose a lower pricing tier, can Live Persona use only sample/limited traffic from my Google Analytics view?

Our platform cannot pull the necessary dimensions and metrics from Google Analytics for a sample of the traffic on your website. Hence, the appropriate paid plans are always based on your website's monthly traffic and cannot be restricted to a lower tier.


How will you bill me?

We offer monthly and yearly billing for our products. Subscription will be renewed at the end of each subscription period (month/year).

What types of payment do you accept?

We only accept payments online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards. We do not accept PayPal.

Where do I insert my company's VAT number under billing?

To add your VAT number, please go to Billing (using the drop down under your name on the top right of the screen) > Billing Details and enter the VAT number under Tax ID section.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, Delve AI offers pay-as-you-go services and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription plan anytime from the Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Subscription page of your business.

If you upgrade anytime, we will apply a pro-rated credit for your existing subscription to the purchase of the new plan. Your new plan will become active instantaneously.

You can also downgrade at any time, but your changes will not take effect until the start of your next billing cycle.

Do you have any cancellation fees?

No. Delve AI offers pay-as-you-go services. We do not have any cancellation fees. You can cancel whenever you want. You will not be billed again after the current billing cycle.

If you cancel, you will lose access to all paid features at the end of your billing cycle for that plan.

How do I cancel my current subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please go to Settings (at the bottom of the left navigation bar) > Subscription. Click Cancel button against the subscription plan that you would like to cancel.

Do you offer refunds?

Delve AI does not offer refunds for partial use, except in the cases of account access or other problems caused by the platform. If this is the case, please email support@delve.ai with details of the troubles you've experienced.

Have more questions? Please check out our detailed FAQ page.