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Accelerating Sales Cycle with High Quality Leads

Learn how APT Global, a shipbuilding/offshore construction company with presence in UAE, Netherlands, Qatar, Belgium and India used Delve AI to generate high quality leads and accelerate its sales cycle.
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Companies need new clients to grow. Period.

Businesses try to identify and connect with potential clients using cold calls and emails. Prospect contact information is usually acquired through online directories or data brokers that collect and sell consumer/business data.

Unless people voluntarily give you their contact information, however, it is hard to determine whether they are interested in your product or service or not.

In this case study, we look at how APT Global Marine, a shipbuilding/offshore construction company with commercial presence in United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Qatar, Belgium, and India, successfully used Persona by Delve AI to automatically find quality leads matching their target persona and accelerate its sales cycle.

About APT Global

Headquartered in Dubai, APT Global is a leading maritime engineering and construction company providing technical services in marine, dredging, offshore, oil & gas and construction industries. Established in 2003, the company's expertise extends to shipbuilding, offshore structures, oil and gas, and offshore wind energy projects.

With a strong focus on innovation and technology, APT Global prioritizes sustainability and fosters long-term relationships with their clients, while maintaining quality workmanship and a safe working environment for everyone around.

APT Global Website Screenshot

The Problem

Like most companies, APT Global’s goal is to expand its customer base. A crucial step in this direction was getting high quality leads that can be easily moved down the sales funnel.

However, it was hard to find services that could provide functional, high-intent customer data.

The Solution

In order to meet its objectives, APT Global signed up for Live Persona by Delve AI.

Live Persona by Delve AI automatically creates personas for businesses by analyzing their website data (from sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console) and enriching it with social media and voice of customer data.

Besides generating target personas and providing high-quality audience research, the tool comes with several additional features that could help APT Global reach their goals.

Visit alerts

Powered by website visitor de-anonymization and organization tracking capabilities available for business-to-business (B2B) websites as part of Persona by Delve AI software, visit alerts is a feature wherein real time messages are sent via email/Slack alerts to sales team members whenever a company fitting a business’s target buyer persona visits their website.

Sales/marketing team members not only get names of the companies as part of the alert messages, but also the following additional information:

  • The industries that the companies belong to
  • The channels their visitors are coming from (direct, email, paid, organic search)
  • Their location (city, state, country)
  • The type of devices they have used to reach the website (mobile, computer, tablet), and
  • The landing page and the initial set of follow-on webpages they have visited on the website.

Here’s an example of a visit alert email.

A visit alert email sample

Smart routing

Depending on the city from which the visit occurred as well as the service pages that have been visited, the alerts are dynamically and automatically sent to the corresponding sales team member(s) responsible for that geography and function.

Empowered by timely and rich geo-specific client interest information provided using alerts, sales personnel can then proactively reach out to relevant contacts at the visiting companies to follow-up and close on these high intent prospects.

Leads prioritization

Our platform not only evaluates which companies are visiting, but also classifies the visiting companies automatically into business prospects, job seekers, investors, partners/competitors, press and service providers (visitor groups).

An image showing visitor groups

The Leads page on the Delve AI dashboard also shows the journeys along with where the companies are in the decision-making process (decision phase) for each company visiting the website.

When users click on any one of the companies, they will be able to view:

  • Basic company data (name, location, industry)
  • Channels and device types
  • The date and time of visit
  • Number of sessions, page views, and conversions
  • Search intent
  • Organization journey
A sample of organisation journey

The companies identified as business prospects are sorted by relevance so the most promising ones (those further along in the process of conversion) are on the top. This information presented on the Leads page of our dashboard is updated daily and the leads are also further summarized and emailed once a week by default.

A sample lead notification


Insights obtained from visit alerts and Leads dashboard can be used in both marketing and sales.

Marketers can find where their customers are in the buyer journey and discover the best places to influence them. They can also check the efficiency and success of their ad campaigns on different marketing channels.

Since APT Global’s aim was to quicken their sales cycle, they primarily used the information obtained to:

  • Distribute leads for prompt sales action
  • Adopt an informed sales approach based on service pages visited

Leads distribution by geography

Leads are assigned and distributed to sales teams by geography and function in real time.

Real time leads distribution ensures a quicker sales response and builds a rapport between sales teams and potential customers. Salespeople can receive immediate notifications and directly follow up with highly relevant business prospects.

For example, APT Global has offices in five countries: UAE, Netherlands, Qatar, Belgium, and India.

Leads from Europe may be routed to the Netherlands teams, while leads from the Middle East and other countries can be distributed between the Dubai and Qatar teams.

Direct sales outreach

It involves identifying specific service pages that an organization has visited and tailoring your sales outreach accordingly.

From the Leads tab, users can find out whether an organization has visited a particular service page multiple times. They can then highlight the benefits of the service, provide exclusive offers, and share additional information related to that service.

A direct sales approach will enable personalized communication, optimizing the chances of conversion by aligning sales with visitors' interests and needs.


While we are unable to quantify the impact of the use of Persona platform by APT Global, here are some of the results shared.

Quicker sales cycle:

Leveraging hot lead identification and smart, real-time routing to commercial teams, the Dubai head-quartered company quickened its sales cycle.

Improved customer experience:

The data available in the Leads tab also enabled their sales teams to handle potential customers with geographic expertise and relevant messaging, thus improving customer experience.

Identify investors, competitors and service providers:

By automatically identifying and eliminating competitors and service providers such as marketing agencies, payroll providers and IT companies trying to sell their services to APT Global from the website visitor-based prospects list, improved efficiencies were attained in the sales process.

Additionally, APT Global could successfully identify potential investors visiting their website.

Wrapping up

APT Global could accelerate its sales processes, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales opportunities with high-quality leads generated using Persona by Delve AI.

However, these are just a few of the many results one can achieve with our tools. There are many other ways in which you can efficiently use our services in your marketing, sales, customer service, and product development efforts.

Stay tuned for more case studies that delve into how companies use our persona tools to meet their business goals!

"Delve AI has brought in lot of added value by helping us know our (existing and potential) customers' intent better. It's also important to know the suppliers/competition/financial institutions who have visited our site. For each prospective account, it helps us to understand their level of keenness and to identify specific services along with geographical regions of interest. Our sales & marketing team uses these insights to reach the right customers and to anticipate their objectives to a certain extent. We certainly believe in this platform and would always recommend it to companies across industries."
Anil Abraham, CEO
APT Global, Shipbuilding/Maritime, United Arab Emirates

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